Hi, Lisa here! I’d like to give you a bit of a back story to explain how we have got to where we are at this moment in our lives.

The Big Decision

Craig was a Childcare/Family Solicitor for many years and I was a legal secretary and pa. Having become disillusioned with law, Craig retrained as a teacher for TEFL and started to work in VIetnam. Both of us have travelled extensively around South East Asia. Initially I was going to fly to Vietnam to be with Craig. However, due to family situations, we decided to try and look for a position for Craig closer to the UK. Thankfully, he was able to secure a teaching position in Piacenza, Italy. This was our home for 3 years.

I was working from home for a UK company but started to study to become a TEFL teacher. I also wanted to look for a position which would enable me to get out of the flat. This was because my work was home based. I wanted to meet people to help with my depression. I passed my exams and the TEFL course in April 2019.

Craig and Lisa

Where we are now!

We both agreed to look for a teaching positions for both of us in a different part of Italy. Craig and I both like living near the coast. We were lucky enough to gain positions in the same school in a little town called Melito di Porto Salvo in Calabria.

In August 2019 we started the long journey down to Melito. It took us 3 days to get there by car as we weren’t able to go very quickly as the car was rammed with the stuff we have collected whilst being over here. It’s funny isn’t it that our whole lives were stuffed in a car. Gone were the days when we measured how successful we were by how our house looked and what things we had in it. Now its purely what we need to get us from day to day.

You never know, we may want to put down roots at some point in the future and it may be in Melito. We are both enjoying living in a different part of Italy, sampling the local cuisines and of course the local wines!

Auguraci buona fortuna! WIsh us luck!