Changes are afoot …

Changes are afoot …

There have been a lack of posts on here recently, but I have been busy with things in the background.

After three years in the north of Italy, we have taken the decision to relocate to the south of Italy to continue our careers as English teachers.

Although we have loved our time in Piacenza we have been offered a dream move to a town called Melito di Porto Salvo. For those that don’t know this is the most southerly town in Italy, and it is right on the toe of Italy’s boot.



Both of us like living by the sea, and our new home will be five minutes from the sea. It also has the added bonus that we can see Sicily and Mount Etna from our apartment.

We’re looking forward to sharing the tastes, smells and sounds of our new home very shortly, including the local chilli festival which happens just after we move down there.

Hopefully in the meantime there will be some other posts about what will soon be our old home.

Keep checking back for further updates!

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