Merry Christmas from Italy!

Merry Christmas from Italy!
Christmas is nearly here! As you may know, we in Italy have now gone back into a virtual full lockdown. This means that we are not able to travel to the UK to see our family. We are going to try and make Christmas and New Year here as good as it can be.


Christmas festivities started off by inviting our Italian friends to a real British Christmas lunch. We had roast pork belly instead of turkey which we think was enjoyed by all. Having to explain what Pigs in Blankets, stuffing balls and gravy stretched our limited Italian to the max. Somehow we got there! We also have an invite from them for Christmas Eve dinner. We are under strict instructions not to eat anything all day! The Christmas Eve celebrations here come under the name of The Festival of the Seven Fishes so really looking forward to that.


Christmas Day will be really quiet with just the two of us and our great friend Sheryl. Her father can’t come over to spend the time with her as he normally does, soshe will be spending the day and Boxing Day with us. This will mainly be slobbing in our PJs, drinking, watching cheezy films and drinking copious amounts of the local fizz! Much like a normal Boxing Day in the UK!


We are unsure what happens in Calabria for New Year as last year (our first here) we spent in the UK. So we are looking forward to what is to come. It won’t be a normal celebration because we can’t leave our apartment (except for emergencies) so watch this space.

We want to finish off by wishing you all a safe, healthy and hopefully Happy Christmas and fingers crossed for a better New Year.
Much Love from Lisa and Craig. x

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