Podcast – Interview With Valentina Harris

Podcast – Interview With Valentina Harris

As you know from our last blog post, we’ve started a new podcast. In this week’s episode of the podcast we have the pleasure of chatting with Valentina Harris. What she doesn’t know about Italian food and cooking probably isn’t worth knowing.

Educated in Italy, Valentina arrived in London from Rome in 1976.

Valentina is a regular face at food festivals in the UK. She also shares her expertise and love of Italian food by hosting courses. She is also a regular conmtributor to radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines.

You can play the episode by clicking the play icon below. However, you can also find our podcast with Valentina and the previous one with Richard Bertinet on Apple and Google Podcasts. It is also available on Spotify.

In this episode we chat about her life as a child in Italy. We then move on to what brought her over to the UK and what Italian food was like then! She describes how her career took off, and also her plans for the future.

So make your coffee of choice, grab a snack and settle back as we talk about all things Italian with the wit, raconteur and original queen of Italian cooking Valentina Harris.

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